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    Message from the President:

    Heilongjiang Dasanyuan Dairy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized company engaged in the design, manufacturing and installation of dairy, food and pharmaceutical projects, which is an outstanding enterprise of powder equipment manufacturing in China. We regard technological innovation as the source of our booming business and the drive for our self-transcendence. We have been constantly introducing products with our own copyrights to meet the needs of the market. Dasanyuan has occupied a leading position in the domestic industry and caught up with the international advanced technological level. What’s more, the technical parameters and performances of some products have exceeded the international counterparts.

    Over the past 12 years of ups and downs and of swimming in the sea of business, we have been adhering to the idea of scientific and technological innovation and people orientation, being dedicated to promoting the progress and development of the national industry based on the forward-looking and steadfast thoughts, relying on the strength of scientific and technological development and by virtue of our excellent teams, having realized the transformation from a small private enterprise into a high-tech enterprise.

    Relying on quality and integrity, we have made our achievements today; with services and innovation, we are creating our new future. Facing both opportunities and challenges, Dasanyuan people who have made great contributions to the development and growth of the national manufacturing industry are bound to exert more wisdom and courage to explore a more brilliant and splendid future under the care of our friends from all walks of life who have been supporting and caring about us by relying on the specific management philosophy of the company.

    On the journey ahead of us, we look forward to working with you hand in hand to seek our common development and compose a new chapter of our soaring cause.


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