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    Address:Ha Ping Road, Harbin Development Zone Concentrated area Sanjiang Road
    PC: 150069
    Tel: 86-451-86811936, 86811973
    Fax: 86-451-86811937
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     Dasanyuan Coffee, Creamer & Dairy Machinery Co., Ltd., founding in 2000 and situated in China's Ice City –Harbin on the shore of the beautiful Songhua River, is a specialized company engaged in the design and equipment manufacture and installation in the fields of food, dairy and pharmaceutical projects. The company is a national high-tech industrial enterprise with the right for imports and exports.
    The Company's projects concerning the dairy and food industries have covered over 100 enterprises in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. Our projects involve the design, equipment manufacturing and installation of the full-set production lines of milk powder, formula milk powder, coffee powder, maltodextrin powder, soybean processing, soybean milk powder, creamer powder, liquid milk, yogurt drinks, soybean milk, and so on. In addition, the company also maintains long-term cooperation with countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the United States and Russia and other countries.
    Technological innovation is the inexhaustible drive for the development of a company. We assume the mission of promoting the progress and development of domestic dairy technologies and equipment. Our technologies, processes and equipment in such areas as formulas powder processing, upper exhaust spray drying tower, multi-effect evaporator system, spray drying system for coffee powder, dextrin powder, and cream powder, deep processing of milk products, such as, skim milk powder, cream, anhydrous cream, cheese prime and so on are widely used in the domestic and overseas dairy industry, which have won the favor of users both at home and abroad. The successful application of the independently developed “fully automatic-control technology of the programmed formula powder production lines” which is the first of its kind in China has opened up a new chapter of the technological progress in the domestic dairy machinery industry.
    Advanced management, an excellent corporate culture, high and new technological contents, superb product quality, good corporate reputation, and sound after-sales service constitute our foundation of survival. We assume it our goal to wholeheartedly promote the development and technological progress of China's dairy industry.
    We are expecting the development of China's dairy industry, and hoping to work with you hand in hand for our reciprocal future!

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    Tel:0451-86811936 | 86811973
    Add:Harbin Development Zone Haping concentrated area Sanjiang 8