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    Address:Ha Ping Road, Harbin Development Zone Concentrated area Sanjiang Road
    PC: 150069
    Tel: 86-451-86811936, 86811973
    Fax: 86-451-86811937
    Marketing Manager Mr. Song:0086-13904613412


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      Heilongjiang San Law Firm for my legal counsel unit, located in Xiangfang District, Harbin City, is a comprehensive legal service agencies. Heilongjiang San Law Firm adhering to the "thick Deming method, the pursuit of excellence," the legacy of the concept, the company management mode, high-end combination of talent, dedication legal commodity circulation, finance, real estate professionals and other aspects of the community service. Heilongjiang Saint-lawyer existing ten full-time lawyers, administrative staff of three, have received formal professional training of legal and training, has a wealth of practical experience.

        Dong Bin, director of the Church is my lawyer legal counsel, responsible for dealing with internal and external legal sources junior company, to provide effective power protection for employees and customers. Dong Bin Tong, industry veteran lawyer, has served as legal counsel for many large enterprises, he has accumulated a wealth of theoretical and practical experience. 2001, 2003, Dong Bin Tong lawyer twice Harbin Municipal Judicial Bureau, was awarded the Harbin City Bar Association "outstanding lawyer title"; April 2002, Dong Bin Tong lawyer in Heilongjiang Province, the first lawyer TV Debate Competition was named Best Debater Award; 2008 was "Harbin administration of justice system advanced individual job training activities (model)," the title; in February 2009, once again was named Harbin City Bureau of Justice '2008 outstanding lawyer'.
    Office Phone: TEL \ FAX: (0451) 87973398
    Counsel Phone: 13836068626 E-mail:






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    Tel:0451-86811936 | 86811973
    Add:Harbin Development Zone Haping concentrated area Sanjiang 8